Blunts Are Bad for You, Stop Smoking Them

I’m going to confess. Say: I played a role in starting the revolution with blunt wraps.

My experience has been that I’m not a tobacco smoker. When blunts were introduced in the 90s, I began using Phillies alongside my weed. It was because hip groups such as Cypress Hill were into it. In 1992 it was the most popular trending method to consume cannabis:
Break up an inexpensive cigar.
Take out the tobacco guts.
Use the paper left to roll the cigar up.
It was confusing at first; however, eventually, I got over it. I was a seasoned blunt smoker.

I confess that I have promoted the show. I wrote a cover article concerning Cypress Hill in the March 1992 magazine High Times when I was an editor. The band featured B-Real, DJ Muggs, and DJ Muggs holding blunts on the front cover. The B-Real’s “How to Roll a Blunt” centerfold showed a new generation of smokers how to do it.

High Times followed blunted cover stories on Redman, Wu-Tang Clan, Snoop Dogg, and more.

Blunts are a part of Jamaica in Jamaica, where people roll weed into new front-leaf. It’s a compelling combination. It can also enhance the effects because Jamaican Ganja is typically fragile. Blunts were popular in Brooklyn, which has an extensive Jamaican community. Hip-hop artists were the first to jump involved.
The best part is that blunts helped bridge the cannabis reform community, which is generally white. As time went on, more and more people of color began moving to the cannabis-reform movement. Today, we are a diverse population because the purpose of legalization has already started to include all customers.

The downside is that people are still using blunts in alarming amounts. They didn’t understand that Cypress Hill put down the blunt on their sophomore album Black Sunday and extolled the benefits of smoking on the bong instead. I stopped smoking blunts, and I returned with my joints and bongs.

I’ve had a few arguments about this with folks in the marijuana community. They’d instead keep my thoughts to myself. But the truth is, smoking cigarettes kills people and contributes up to 480,000 U.S. cancer and emphysema deaths each year.

Europeans love mixing tobacco with pot. Flowers were once difficult to find on the continent, whereas hash was abundant. People started combining the two, as it was much easier to smoke this way. It is still the case despite the availability of flowers. Europeans are left wondering what it is that Americans and Canadians can smoke cannabis without tobacco assistance. While in Berlin a couple of years back, I tried a few tobacco joints. One was incredibly stifling with the sensation of sweat and nausea.

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